art online!

Hello art students & families,


At Art Academics it is our top priority to keep our students, teachers, and families safe. We, like you, have just learned about 'Zoombombing' - please know we are using the newly updated Zoom with 3 layers of protection. Our classes require registration, are password protected and use the Waiting Room feature. The waiting room allows your teacher to approve of every sign in even if they are registered and know the password. If we don't recognize a name, we will check our list to see who it might be, and then will call to confirm. 


While we learn how to use Zoom and make online tutorials we will not be charging tuition for live group classes. Instead we are asking that you donate what you can to your teacher. This is the only pay they will receive at this time. 


In May we hope to have an entire new subscription-based model that will have different options based on what each student can afford. We will have something for everybody including lots of free content.


Please be patient with us! It is hard to doing all of this while going through the trauma of the situation at the same time. Of course you understand since we are all going through it together.




Art Academics Online staff --Valerie, Leanne, Brenda & Cody