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Missed Classes


Making up missed classes:

We have a generous make up policy that allows students until the end of the calendar year to make up missed classes. Classes can be made up in any class time other than the student’s own.


At the end of the year any classes still needing to be made up will be converted to tuition credits for December. As well, when a student ends classes with us, any remaining missed classes to be made up can be converted to a tuition credit toward their last month.


Please note that we can only offer a credit toward the number of classes available to attend. For example, we usually hold class the first 3 weeks of December, so up to three tuition credits can be used. Any remaining are discarded. This means it is still good to make up missed classes right away. We do not offer tuition refunds. 


Prorated months:

If a student lets us know before the 1st of the month that they will be missing class on a specific day, we will allow a prorated price. We do not offer this if we are told after the month has started. In this case, make ups will be done in any class other than their own.


Teacher cancellations:

When a teacher cancels class during the month, a tuition credit will be used toward the following month’s tuition or the class may be made up.


If a teacher cancels ahead of time, to take a vacation for instance, tuition will be prorated.

Right to Refuse Service:

We hope class will be a positive experience for all involved. However, we reserve the right to refuse service to students in the case of, but not limited to, behavioral issues or lack of effort. We do not offer a daycare-style class or behavioral correction. We assume all students wish to be in class and are able to follow rules.

Please see the list below for a few examples of why we may refuse service:
•Student says they don’t like art, or that they don’t want to be in class
•Student willfully damages Art Academics property or materials
•Student is aggressive, unkind or disturbing to students or staff
•Student tries to leave the building without an adult


I agree to be held responsible for mine or my child’s behavior and actions and release Art Academics and Valerie Lewis from any liability for my mine or my child’s actions, in the event that such actions or behavior causes damage or injury to property or person.

Tuition Policies


Tuition guarantees a spot in a student’s scheduled class time that we cannot offer to anyone else. Due to this we are unable to discount tuition for every-other-week attendance or occasional walk-ins. 


Tuition covers the 1st four weeks of the month. If there is a 5th week, class won’t be held. We will let everyone know when this happens.


Tuition is due the first class of each month. Tuition will be considered late if still unpaid by the 15th of each month. If tuition is late three months in a row, a student will then be enrolled in automatic payments. These students will be automatically charged on or around the 15th of the month if they have not already paid tuition. 


An invoice will be sent to each student that will allow them to pay from home by credit card, but tuition can also be paid in class in either cash, check or credit card. 


All students have the option of using automatic payments so they don’t have to worry. To do so, a credit card will be saved with Square Card Services and students will sign a form allowing us to charge their card. Card numbers are not stored with Art Academics and staff will not have access to them.



In-person classes: $160 per month

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