drawing, painting + creativity:

Art Academics' boutique classes are offered over in-person and online. In-person class size is limited to 4-6 students. This allows us to teach each student uniquely and meet them where they're at. We are art coaches, personal trainers, support staff---whatever a student may need.


We provide instruction in all drawing and painting media, any subject matter and in any style. As our student you can totally be in control of what you want to learn---we've got you!

We support those that already see themselves as artists as well as those who are just trying something new.


Orchids in oil pastel by Joseph age 8

yes you can!

Students learn patience, gain self-esteem and develop faith in themselves through creative problem solving. They learn to trust in their unique ideas.


Young students get to explore, develop neatness and learn how good it feels to make amazing art. Teen students get to express themselves, build portfolios and learn to master art techniques. Adults get time to relax, make friends and become masterful in any medium.

how classes work:

During class, you'll pick a project and your teacher will guide you -- showing you all the techniques you need. Rather than one lecture that everyone watches and follows along with, we teach more like personal trainers -- but for art! We will demo live and answer all the questions you have about your project, as well as those questions you didn't yet know you wanted to ask. 

Your first class is always free to try!


monthly pricing plans:
$160/month for In-person classes
$100/month for Zoom class

$50 per hour for private lessons, in-person or online.
Additional students sharing the lesson are $25/hour

our vision:
We hope to share the joy of art with as many people as possible. We are committed to providing high-end experiences to students of all levels and backgrounds.
Valerie Lewis started Art Academics to provide small classes with lots of one-on-one attention - for everyone. With over 19 years of teaching under her belt, she found herself frustrated by the gap between the level of care her private students received versus what she was able to provide teaching larger groups at other art schools. There had to be a better way -- and Art Academics was born. 

Valerie's passion for teaching is rivaled only by her own creative work. In 2014 she was named Best Visual Artist by the OC Weekly and later was profiled in Orange Coast Magazine. She received her BFA in Painting at CSUF but is a constant learner. Valerie was a recipient of the Florence Millner Arnold Grant and the Joanne Blankenship Memorial Art Award.