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drawing, painting + creativity:

As our student you can totally be in control of what you want to learn---we've got you! From markers to acrylic paint, we provide instruction in all subjects and in all common drawing and painting materials. 

We teach classical realism along with creativity. Our students learn patience, gain self-esteem and develop faith in themselves with every project. Through creative problem solving, they learn to trust in their unique ideas.


Young students get to explore, develop neatness and learn how good it feels to make amazing art. Teen students get to express themselves, build portfolios and learn to master art techniques. Adults get time to relax, make friends and become masterful in any medium.


yes you can!

No matter your experience level, you will feel comfortable and supported in our small classes. Each student will be working on their own project, so you'll never have to worry about how you might compare.


We are art coaches, personal trainers and support staff. The more time we have together with a student, the more we know what they'll need. Everything we do is for you and if you get stuck on something, we promise we'll get you through it.

how classes work:

During our classes, you'll pick a unique project and your teacher will tailor instruction just for you. We work with students closely, guiding them every step of the way. You will learn how to draw more accurately, explore techniques for various media, and you'll gain a greater understanding of color theory. Our goal is to make sure your creative journey is enjoyable and that your art is a success.


our vision:
We hope to share the joy of art with as many people as possible. We are committed to providing high-end experiences to students of all levels and backgrounds.

monthly pricing plans:
$160/month for regular, in-person classes

Your first class is always free to try! Class is once a week at your scheduled time. Each session is 1.5 hours long. All materials are provided.
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